Month: April 2006

Two Bits

Two bits, Four bits, Six bits, a dollar, All for (insert school here) Stand up and holler. That, at least, was the cheer at basketball games back in high school. As a cheer, it probably is no more. Not because it is simple, but because no one seems to know what two bits is; 25 …

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Two Again

Most people express some surprise upon learning how long we have been married. Apparently, at 46 years and counting, we are to be considered somewhat of an oddity these days. Of the comments I have heard, two stand out; “That’s quite an accomplishment” and, in a similar vein, “That’s a long time, you must be …

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CNN recently described the move of Katie Couric from her position as co-host of the Morning Show on NBC, a position she has held for 15 years, to CBS as the anchor of the Evening News as “historic.” While her position as the first woman anchor of an evening news program in the United States …

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