Month: September 2005


I first became aware of her in October of my 14th year. It was at the school Halloween Carnival and we were paired at the Hoop Shoot; a game where people could publically demonstrate their lack of basketball prowess by attempting to make baskets from the free-throw line. Our task was simple; take the tickets …

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Growing up, I knew the family dog was expendable. Should there have been any sort of emergency, the dog would not have been in the car as we drove off to safety. When a bad storm was coming, the dog was called, but whether or not he sought shelter in the house was his own …

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Universal Rules

There are in place in the universe, universal rules which govern our daily lives. I am not talking about those rules which we learn in school. Not Newton?s Three Laws, not Einstein?s Theory of Relativity, no, the following are rules we usually discover as we go through life. At least as regards to our own …

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