The relative peace of filling the gas tank wa shattered as a car pulled up to the pump across from him. Hip-Hop music blared fro the car?s stereo at a volume that was painful, even at a distance of 10 feet. He could only imagine what it must have been like in the car. ?What an ass,? he thought. Likely hearing impaired from a constant diet of such abuse, the young man would be forced to crank the volume even higher in the future. But he didn?t much care about the young man?s state of deafness. He did care that the music was too loud and he was angry at the arrogance of the individual. You see, he did not turn off the stereo system as he proceeded to go through the ritual of paying for the gas and actually pumping gas into the vibrating car. The rather insistent cacophony that passed for music continued with its exaggerated beat and misogynist lyrics. It was really starting to bug him. Trapped in this well of loud junk music, he thought of asking the young man, nicely of course, to please turn down the volume. Realizing that he might end up getting the crap beat out of him, he put the idea aside.

Calmly, he turned to the car and said, ?Gort!? The passenger door opened and an 8-foot tall silver robot rose out of the car. What a magnificent specimen he was as he silently stood there. Humanoid in shape, the head was featureless except for a visor which covered the area where the eyes might have been. He looked at Gort and pointed to the offending car. The head of the robot swivelled and the visor lifted slowly, revealing a deep dark space. The darkness was suddenly illuminated by a bright point of pulsing light. Just as suddenly, a bright white beam of light shot out from this pulsating point and enveloped the vibrating automobile. Immediately, the car began to glow and the sound of the blaring radio was replaced with that of frying bacon. It only lasted seconds and then all was quiet. Where the car had stood was a silent pile of white ash.

?Bitch, get out …? pushed into his reverie and he realized his tank was full. Replacing his gas cap and replacing the nozzle, he got into his car and drove off into silence, Gort riding shotgun.